Cliff Bumgardner

Writer, Filmmaker


Dreams 4 Sale

Max Miller is an eight-year-old boy who'd rather be anywhere than a yard sale on Saturday morning, but that's precisely where he finds himself – as well as the mysterious girl with long black hair and a table of objects she calls dreams. Fascinated and overwhelmed by her presence, Max chooses one: A black pyramid the girl warns him not to take. It's a bad dream, she says, the kind you can't wake up from no matter how hard you try, but Max is too caught up to listen. When it's too late to matter, he wishes he'd taken heed. For when Max opens the pyramid, he invites an insidious darkness into his world and starts a chain of tragic events more terrifying than any nightmare. To stop it, Max will have to fight back against a girl whose powers extend beyond the bounds of reality and come to terms with the horrible truth hidden in her cryptic words...

...Because there's no pulling yourself from a dream if you're already awake.

"Cliff Bumgardner is a TOTAL BASTARD. No one should be this good right out of the gate. I read Dreams 4 Sale from cover-to-cover in one sitting and was blown away by a thrilling, satisfying, and downright frightening tale that stuck with me long after I finished the book. It's a stunning debut and cements his status as an immensely talented new voice in fiction (hence a total bastard in my eyes). Read Dreams 4 Sale so you can brag that you found it first."

– Brockton McKinney (writer/creator: Ehmm Theory, Amerikarate)


2016 Millarworld Annual

In 2015, legendary comic book creator Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Wanted) held a global talent search to find emerging writers and artists to tackle characters from his prolific bibliography. Cliff's story, titled "American Jesus: Undeath," was selected out of the thousands of submissions and published in the 2015 Millarworld Annual, illustrated by Pennsylvania-based illustrator Steve Beach. 

"I read Cliff Bumgardner's UNDEATH and thought 'HOLY SH*T, he might be a serial killer...' The story is so gruesome, so nightmare inducing and incredible."

– Rachael Fulton (Editor, Millarworld/Netflix)

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Four: A Short Story

Sarah Pausch has a hobby, even though her doctor would prefer she didn't refer to it as such. Every day, in each new room or setting she finds herself, Sarah likes to count the many ways she could end her life  with what's around. There are twelve in the kitchen, three in the doctor's office, four in her car–the methods are almost endless, and always brutal. Forced to confront the cause behind her "hobby" and the memories it brings, Sarah slips back to a time she wishes she could forget, to the loved one she failed to protect, and the horrible blackness that followed. It's a journey into the horrifying recesses of the mind in this award-winning short story.

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In this oil-stained homage to the grindhouse thrillers of yore, a madman in a fast car seeks revenge for his lost love by stalking and murdering truckers on Americas great highways. But when a group of truckers turns the game of cat and mouse around, the killer has to put the pedal to the metal to escape a pack of rolling death machines hell bent on avenging their fallen brethren. Illustrated by Butch Mapa.