Cliff Bumgardner

Writer, Filmmaker


Cliff Bumgardner a writer, filmmaker, and Co-Founder of – a repository of everything weird and awesome online. He’s known for his work in a variety of media including screenwriting, short fiction, and comic books, where he was selected as a winner of the first-ever Millarworld Talent Search Competition by comics legend Mark Millar, with his story "American Jesus: Undeath" appearing in the 2016 Millarworld Annual from Image Comics.

As a director his work includes commercial advertising for top brands as well as documentaries and original series. Most recently he combined two of his passions with NC Comicon: The Movie, a feature-length documentary providing a rare view into the inner workings of a major comic book convention. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with an old typewriter and way too many books.





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